iPhone Screen Repairs done in usually 30 minutes or less
All Accessories are BOGO on Saturday! Tempered Glass, cases, etc...
Yes, 8.4 Jailbreak is available and confirmed working. Do not update higher! stay on 8.4, its stable too.
JAILBREAK IOS 8.1.3, 8.2, 8.3
Finally available! Get it now before its too late!
As always, we set the Chicago standard for pricing in iPhone screen repairs. Other shops cringe when we do this kind of stuff lol.
That was quick! Well it is getting better for jailbreakers these days as a new jailbreak to get Cydia on your 8.1.1 device is out and working. Get it now before Apple patches it. BTW this does not apply to unlocked phones using microchips yet; there is still no solution to reunlock on IOS 8 at all. If that becomes available we will post it here.
We now offer PressPlay brand Apple certified lightning cables guaranteed to work and not break like cheap non-Apple cables.
We've put them through the test, (our shop abused one) and they are good.
We will give a 6 month warranty, just think its the only cable you'll buy for 6 months, and less than Apple's price, with Pink, Red, Black and White for color options. While supplies last only.
As always when a new IOS arrives, we warn all those who seem tempted to update, to simply not do it yet.
The following users should not update:

Those jailbroken and wish to keep it
Those unlocked with a microchip solution (Not Factory Unlocked)
And we recommend iPhone 4S users in general not to update, as we have reports it is crippling the functionality.
With the arrival of a new jailbreak for 7.1.2, we can now get your iPhone unlocked with a microchip, updated and working with iMessage and Facetime activated with MMS working too. Don't wait, as Apple will patch with another update soon and you'll have missed the boat. Past customers unlocked by us need only pay $20 for all the work performed, $30 for new customers with working microchip, $60 without.
Please backup any data before coming in as a restore will more than be likely needed.
It is tested and fully working, the jailbreak for 7.1.2 is out and we can install it for you. Don't wait too long as Apple is always patching with an update and is it's released, you've missed the boat.